Seeking Contributors: New Critical Studies on Quaker Women, 1800 – 1920: Finding New Voices

The corpus of Quaker women’s history and literature offers one of the most fascinating studies of gender across all centuries and continents. This small group of women pioneers, activists, prophets, and writers has often been at the grassroots of revolutionary movements, fuelling and propelling the way for global, monumental change. The 2018 release of Michele Lise Tarter and Catie Gill’s New Critical Studies on Early Quaker Women, 1650 – 1800 (Oxford University Press) demonstrates the potential for strong, innovative interdisciplinary scholarship on the influence of these women. This project seeks to follow that successful volume and its focus on gender in Quaker studies to gather an interdisciplinary body of writers with a shared interest in reassessing nineteenth-century Quaker women, highlighting new discoveries and interpretations about their literary creation, historical landmarks, and transatlantic movements.

Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • Women and the expansion of Quakerism
  • Women’s socio-political positions within Quaker theology and culture
  • Women and nineteenth-century religious schism
  • Women’s Meetings (as a site of power, autonomy, change)
  • Women and Quaker print culture
  • Women on the margins of Quakerism (geographic or theological)
  • Women and social reform (e.g. abolition, suffrage, prison reform)
  • Women and war
  • Women and Language
  • Women and Prophetic Performance
  • Religio-political writings by women, Autobiography and “convincement”
  • Dissent and identity studies
  • Women, leadership, and networking
  • Lesser known Quaker women
  • Women Friends’ influence on other religious sects and communities

Please submit proposals of approximately 500 words, along with a curriculum vita, to: Robynne Rogers Healey ( and Carole Dale Spencer ( by 15 March 2019. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Seeking Contributors: New Critical Studies on Quaker Women, 1800 – 1920: Finding New Voices

Call for Papers for 2018 November Meeting in Denver

Call for Papers

Quaker Theological Discussion Group at American Academy of Religion, Denver CO

November 16, 2018

The Impact of World War I on Quaker Thought and Practice

To commemorate the global World War I Centenary that concludes at the end of this year, the QTDG invites paper proposals on a wide range of topics related to the impact of the war – including its lead up and aftermath – upon Quaker thought in the Twentieth Century. Papers would explore: Quaker thought and action related to peace, justice, and violence: new theological trends to emerge from the impact of the war: and new organizations for relief work in Europe, reflected in the work of leading Quaker voices and activists such as Henry Cadbury, William Hull, Rufus Jones, Neave Brayshaw, Ruth Fry and many others.

Send proposal title and synopsis (250-300 words) to QTDG chairs: Carole Spencer and DanChristy Randazzo   Deadline is August 30, 2018.

Call for Papers for 2018 November Meeting in Denver

Annual Quaker Theological Discussion Group at AAR (2017)

QTDG will be meeting for our annual gathering on Friday November 17, 2017 during AAR in Boston this year. Here is the schedule:

Quakers and Public Theology scheduled on Friday, November 17 from 4:30:00 PM to 6:00:00 PM in the Boston University Room at the Marriott Copley Place

Session 1:  Friday Nov. 17 4:30-6:00

Quakers and Public Theology

Understanding the Quakers’ Expansive Conception of Rights Through the Activism of John Dickinson, 1760-1800:  Jane Calvert, University of Kentucky

Anthony Benezet’s anti-slavery writings: Jon Kershner, University of Lancaster

Beyond the Bureaucracy: The True Purpose of Quaker Yearly Meetings, Robin Mohr

Interpretations of Early Quakerism scheduled on Friday, November 17 from 7:00:00 PM to 9:00:00 PM in the Beacon, Room A at the Sheraton Hotel

Session 2:  Friday Nov. 17, 7:00-9:00

History and Interpretations of Quakerism

Primitive Christianity Revived:  Paul Anderson, George Fox University

Barclay’s Christology:  Madeleine Ward, University of Oxford

Rufus Jones’ Interpretation of Quakerism:  Dan Randazzo, University of Birmingham

Response:  Jeff Dudiak, The King’s University, Edmonton

Business Meeting

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Annual Quaker Theological Discussion Group at AAR (2017)

Upcoming QTDG at AAR/SBL San Antonio

We are looking forward to the upcoming Quaker Theological Discussion Group (November 19-22) taking place at the American Academy of Religion in San Antonio, TX.

We will hold two sessions on Friday, November 18 from 4:30-9pm in the La Princessa Room at the Hilton Palacio del Rio.

Session 1: “Hybridity and Multi-Religious Belonging among Quakers” 4:30:00 PM to 6:00:00 PM


  • Michael Birkel, Earlham School of Religion
  • Jennifer Buck, Azusa Pacific University
  • Dan Randazzo, University of Birmingham
  • Jeff Dudiak, The King’s University, Edmonton, Canada

Session 2: Review of Early Quakers and Their Theological Thought 7:00:00 PM to 9:00:00 PM


  • Jon Kershner, University of Lancaster
  • Leah Payne, George Fox Evangelical Seminary
  • Paul Anderson, George Fox University
  • Madeleine Ward, University of Oxford
Upcoming QTDG at AAR/SBL San Antonio

Quaker Theological Discussion Group at AAR Atlanta 2015

We are looking forward to seeing everyone in Atlanta this year for our annual Quaker Theological Discussion group! This year we will be reviewing C. Wess Daniel’s, A Convergent Model of Renewal: Remixing the Quaker Tradition in a Participatory Culture.

Friday, Nov. 20, 7:00 – 9:00pm
Marriott, room L402.

Moderator: Carole Spencer, Earlham School of Religion


David Johns, Union College 20 mins.
Jill Peterfeso, Guilford College 20 mins.
Dan White Hodge, North Park Theological Seminary 20 mins.

Response: C. Wess Daniels, Guilford College 15 mins.

Quaker Theological Discussion Group at AAR Atlanta 2015

Current Issue: Future of Friends Issue #123-124 (Nov. 2014)

British, Irish, European, and Pacific Rim Perspectives

Friends in Britain Ben Pink Dandelion

Friends in Ireland and Europe Johan Maurer

Friends in Asia-West Pacific Gerard Guiton

North American Perspectives

Friends General Conference Thomas Swain

Friends United Meeting Sylvia Graves

Conservative Friends William F. Rushby

Evangelical Friends Wayne Evans

African and Asian Perspectives 

Friends in Eastern Africa Ann K. Riggs

Friends in Central Africa D. Elizabeth Todd

Friends in India and Asia Ron Stansell

South and Central American Perspectives

Friends in South America Harold Thomas

Friends in Central America D. Gene Pickard

The Future of Quakers in Central America Alvin and Lucy Anderson (ed. Paul Anderson)

Additional Essays

The British Quaker Survey 2013 Ben Pink Dandelion

Review of Paul Buckley, The Essential Elias Hicks T.  Vail Palmer Jr.

Tribute to T. Canby Jones

Remembering T. Canby Jones Ron Rembert

Tribute to Canby Jones (a poem) Arthur O. Roberts

Current Issue: Future of Friends Issue #123-124 (Nov. 2014)