Since the first issue in 1949, Quaker Religious Thought has been fortunate to have great editors serve this publication.

Current Editors 

Howard R. Macy, Editor (hmacy@georgefox.edu)

Paul Anderson, Associate Editor

David Johns, Associate Editor

Arthur O. Roberts, Associate Editor

Gayle Beebe, Associate Editor

Phil Smith, Business Manager (psmith@georgefox.edu)

C. Wess Daniels, Website Manager (danielscw@guilford.edu)

Previous Issues Editors

#1-10       J. Calvin Keene
#11-20     T. Canby Jones
#21-38    Christine Downing
#39-46    T. Vail Palmer
#47-54    T. Vail Palmer and Dean Freiday
#55-71     Dean Freiday
#72-94    Arthur O. Roberts
#95-117   Paul Anderson
#118-present Howard R. Macy


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